Kyle Nix & The 38’s






After years of playing fiddle with the Oklahoma-based country outfit the Turnpike Troubadours, Kyle Nix has emerged with a new role on his debut solo album, Lightning on the Mountain & Other Short Stories. You will hear most of the Troubadours roaring as his backing band on the record but this isn’t an uninspired spin-off or half-baked reboot of a good thing. Lightning on the Mountain has an identity entirely it’s own- a western-inspired collection of literary songs, which tell stories from Nix’s own history as well as of the many unique characters he “may or may not have encountered” throughout his years on the road.

Originally from Perry, Oklahoma, Kyle Nix grew up literally surrounded by musical instruments. His grandfather was a carpenter and part-time fiddle maker. “As a kid, the fiddles were off limits because they were breakable, delicate… that just made me want to mess with them more”, he laughs. Eventually, though, he got his hands on the instrument and began taking lessons in Enid, Oklahoma from bluegrass fiddler Shirley Landrum. “I was lucky that my parents were willing to drive me around to lessons & bluegrass festivals. It really helped fan the flame”, he remembers.